It began with a desire to grow the highest quality, most flavorful and unique varieties of produce

Our lifelong culinary backgrounds inspired us to grow the food that we, as chefs, found exciting to cook with.We sourced unique seeds, tinkered with many different growing practices, and over the first few years discovered that we had a lot to learn. We began to look at food in a whole new light, with much more reverence and respect for what it takes to grow great food.

The Farm now produces hundreds of varieties of vegetables, along with a seasonal assortment of fresh-cut florals each year. As our community has grown, our offerings have expanded to include a line of hot pepper sauces, raw and creamed honey from our own busy bees, chef made meals and condiments, baked goods, and more.

Our flagship location in Hudson, New York has given us greater space to have fun with a more expansive community

Opening our Shoppe in Hudson provided us with proximity to the farm, the Capital Region and our longtime NYC community. With this new opportunity, our offerings have expanded into luxurious and fun antiques, pantry staples, farm-made frozen entrees, baked goods, and beyond. All of these items are created and curated in the name of FUN!

We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time

Our vision at Farm Shoppe is to inspire people to Have Fun and transport you to a whimsical foodie wonderland, if only for a moment in time. We hope our space encourages you to play with food and flavor, delight in the act of entertaining, and eat as much with your eyes as you do with your mouth.