Forts Ferry Farm Products

Our pantry products are inspired by what we grow on the farm and made in limited quantities each year.

Produce, Baked Goods, and Snacks, oh my!

seasonally inspired and stocked weekly

Fresh Produce

Get your farmers market haul in Hudson with our seasonal assortment of fresh veggies, microgreens and herbs, fresh from the farm.

Fresh & Dried Farm Grown Florals

All grown on the farm, chemical-free, our single variety fresh flower bouquets are available during the warmer months while our dried, hand tied wreaths and bouquets can compliment any environment year round.

Frozen Entrees

Delight your taste buds with chef-made meals, from beef bourguignon to lasagna bolognese, made with the highest quality ingredients and our delectible farm fresh produce.

Baked Goods & Snack Cakes

Treat yourself, and your party guests, to our world-class snacking cakes, from classic carrot to a deeply rich chocolate brownie torte. Or grab a fresh cookie (or twelve) from our rotating assortment, made fresh every week.

Snacks & Dips

Are you late, late, late for a very important date? Make it a party with our seasoned nuts, incredibly addictive dips, and unique accoutrements.

Pantry Favorites

Your pantry should always be the best expression of yourself. Give that girl a make-over and browse our chef-curated selection of pantry staples and maybe they’ll become your new favorites too.

Antiques, Books and Specialty Gifts

From unique gifts to chef-chosen kitchen tools and worldly antique table attire, Farm Shoppe has something for everyone who enjoys food, farming, and fun!